Sunday, December 30, 2012

{Christmas Letter 2012}

As the year comes to a close and we reflect back over this year’s events, we are reminded of how fortunate we are. Although, we’ve made a few trips to the doctor with broken bones, and we’ve had an occasional car break down, overall things have been busily operational here at the Earl’s.    
Ashtyn (1st grade) is consumed with Dance, Gymnastics, and Singing. She’s also taken a shine to reading practically everything within her grasp. She loves school and her teacher. She’s lost most of her front teeth and hopes that Santa will be kind enough to drop some replacements in her stocking.
Jantzen (6th grade) is obsessed with Soccer, Soccer Shoes, and Origami. He continues to be a very energetic young man who is now a Deacon. He gave his first talk this past Sunday and it was quite a battle to get him to follow through with writing and delivering his talk, but afterward he received a lot of compliments for his preparation and poise. His goal at the beginning of the year was to beat the school record for the mile which is 6:18. He has come close with a 6:23 and hopes that next spring he’ll be able to do it.
 Hayden (8th grade) is infatuated with Piano, Technology, and Girls. We hope he stays more interested in the first two for a few more years, but he’s currently attending a few all gender parties and he’s looking forward to the Church’s New Year’s Youth Dance. He took a leading role in the school play Annie last Spring. As it turns out, he can really act. We’re not sure where he got that from, but we think his ability to easily memorize helped immensely.
Jeanie (40th grade) just turned the big “4O”. This last half of the year has slowed down a little for her enough to Zumba one or two times a week. However, from January through June she’s preoccupied with her Camp Director position which she spends an inordinate amount of time fulfilling. She hopes to stay teaching part-time, so that she can continue her chauffeur gig that our kids assigned her.
As for me, I’m still teaching the youth of America at a youth corrections facility. In order to support that habit, I’m serving in the Military for at least another year and a half which will complete 20 years. Although, I’ve enjoyed the Service, it’s not just a one weekend a month and two weeks a year deal anymore. I usually spend three or four days a month managing personnel issues, and most of the Summer working at Camp Williams helping with the frequent fires. The Military is certainly doing more with less these days. In the near future I hope to say, the Military is doing more with less of me.
We’re all hoping for a little more snow than we got last year, so we can use the ski passes we bought last year and never used. So, if any of you have a read on Climate Change please take some action.
We hope that Ya’ll have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You’re always in our thoughts and prayers.
The Earls
Nathan, Jeanie, Hayden, Jantzen, and Ashtyn.

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Kelsey said...

So fun reading your update! I cannot believe how big your kids are.

Is Ashtyn at Eaglecrest? It's weird having Macey in school now and seeing the other side of things. Plus, it makes me realize even more how awesome Eaglecrest is. :)